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Best Trick to Boost YouTube Earning | YouTube Midroll Ads 2020 | Multiple Ads update | Tech Network

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Best Trick to Boost YouTube Earning | YouTube Midroll Ads 2020 | Multiple Ads update | Tech Network

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Best Trick to Boost YouTube Earning | YouTube Midroll Ads 2020 | Midroll Ads update | Tech Network

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Hi there,

You’re receiving this video because YouTube is making some changes to mid-roll ads that will impact your channel. These changes will make more videos eligible for mid-roll ads to increase your monetization potential.

Today, only videos longer than 10 minutes are eligible for mid-roll ads. Starting in late July, all videos longer than 8 minutes will be eligible for mid-roll ads. As part of this change, YouTube will turn on mid-roll ads for all eligible videos. This means videos where you may have opted out of mid-roll ads will now be opted in. Videos that already have mid-roll ads will not be impacted. Future uploads from monetizing channels will also have mid-roll ads turned on by default.

Turning on auto mid-roll ads saves creators extra work while helping increase the monetization potential for new and existing content. YouTube will use machine learning to automatically find the most natural breaks in your videos to increase monetization potential while balancing user experience.

If mid-roll ads are not a good fit for your videos, you can indicate this preference in YouTube Studio by July 27, 2020. If you have not used mid-roll ads before, give it a try. After these changes, you will still be able to turn mid-rolls off or adjust the placement in each video manually.

For more information on these changes and mid-roll ads, you can visit the YouTube Help Center.

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