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BidX Function to Boost Your Amazon Ads [GERMAN]

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BidX Function to Boost Your Amazon Ads [GERMAN]

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With the Boost function, it is possible to temporarily increase or reduce campaign budgets, standard ad group bids and keyword and target bids (e.g. ASIN) by a certain percentage with just one click. This is suitable for events such as Prime Day or Black Friday, as well as for flash offers or sales. This gives you a big advantage over competitors who do not make extensive adjustments of this kind for only a short period.

BidX is the worlds first tool which allows you to automatically adjust the bids for paid search advertisement on Amazon on a individual rule based algorithm. We check all your requirements daily and adjusts the bids for you until you hit your target ACoS. Based on Amazon’s Advertising API we automatically pull new performance data and push the adjusted bids back to Amazon.


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