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Biggest Holiday Season Shopping Trends for 2022 | Ask Printful EP15

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Biggest Holiday Season Shopping Trends for 2022 | Ask Printful EP15

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It’s important for online store owners to keep up with ecommerce trends, especially as the holiday season is approaching.
In this episode of Ask Printful, we teamed up with our marketing expert to cover the most relevant online holiday shopping trends and provide you with actionable tips on how to use them for your ecommerce business.

00:00:00 – What are the biggest holiday season shopping trends for 2022?
00:00:34 – 1.1 Holiday gift shopping will begin early
00:01:05 – 1.2 Online shopping continues to grow
00:02:25 – 1.3 Shoppers seek sustainable options
00:03:53 – How to boost sales during this holiday season?
00:05:32 – How does Printful prepare for the holiday season?

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