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Boost Insurance Sales with Video Marketing

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Boost Insurance Sales with Video Marketing

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Have you been thinking about starting to use video as a way to boost insurance sales within your agency? If so, good for you because using video marketing in your agency will increase your reach and will transform your efforts and results. By simply adding an introduction video marketing message to your email, you will increase your click rate by 300%. This type of sales is especially effective on the younger generation of your potential prospects.

You can also track these video marketing efforts so you can see what works better for your target audience, which will in turn boost insurance sales. Learning how to grow your insurance business quickly with video marketing will be a game changer for your insurance agency.

Have systems and processes in place will help you grow your insurance agency. Start with a free trial from DUBB, a video marketing program. Click here to get your code: y

0:00 – Introduction
1:15 – Make an Introduction Video for Marketing to Boost Insurance Sales
4:02 – Streamline Your Business Sales Strategy
7:21 – Video Marketing Ideas to Build Relationships with Your Book of Business

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