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Boost Post vs Facebook Ads: Which to Use and When

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Boost Post vs Facebook Ads: Which to Use and When

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Ever wonder what that “Boost Post” button under your page posts on Facebook does? This video explains as much, and outlines the differences between a boosted post and a simple Facebook ad.

What it boils down to is speed and convenience vs. versatility and superior options. While it is much faster and easier to just boost your posts from the front end of Facebook, if you create ads in the ad manager to enhance your posts you can potentially achieve better results with the same budget.

That said, if you’re intimidated by the ad manager and can’t afford to hire a digital marketer to manage your account for you, it might be worth using a the boost post function on occasion. Likewise, if you have a large budget then you may be best served by a combination of boosted posts and ads.

The bottom line is that Facebook ads willy typically perform better and provide better data than boosted posts, so in most cases it’s worth taking the extra time and effort to learn to use the add manager.

If you need help navigating the ad manager, be sure to subscribe to this channel. I have a series of videos planned for the near future that will take an in depth look at the Facebook ad manager.

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