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Boost Traffic with this Growth Hacker Marketing Strategy

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Boost Traffic with this Growth Hacker Marketing Strategy

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Here’s a growth hacker marketing strategy that’s guaranteed to boost traffic.

Also, mentioned in the video… go here to learn how to make a lead magnet:

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Now, before you learn this marketing strategy, there are THREE types of traffic you need to know about.

The first one is paid traffic, that’s traffic you get from adverts.

And the second one is organic, that’s traffic you get from search engines. Now, paid traffic… that’s traffic YOU CONTROL.

Your budget determines how much you get, and how often you get it. But if you stop paying for ads, the traffic stops.

Now, organic traffic on the other hand, is a lot more valuable. But, it’s traffic you DON’T control. You have to rely on search engines to send it to you. That means you have limited control over how much you get.

Tthe point is to turn BOTH OF THESE types of traffic into the THIRD type, which is the most powerful. And that’s traffic you OWN.

So, how do you turn paid, and organic traffic, into traffic you own, through growth hacking? With an email list.

As soon as traffic joins your email list, you own it.

That means you can tap into it anytime you like, and as often as you like.
The IDEAL scenario is that organic traffic visits your website, and subscribes to your email list. But of course, in the real world, you’d be lucky if that happens 20% of the time.

That means we need a system in place to re-engage the 80% who didn’t.

And for that, we have a retargeting campaign.

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