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Boost Up! – A Marketing Campaign

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Boost Up! – A Marketing Campaign

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Thank you for watching my capstone presentation. More information is in the description.

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[What is Boost Up?]
Titled Boost Up, It is a Facebook marketing campaign for a local cell phone store chain called Boost Mobile by Fiji wireless. The goal was to complete two tasks, create a more comprehensive marketing environment through their Facebook page, and run original ads to drive phone sales.

[Notes from the creator]
I had to cut plenty of created content in order to shorten the video length, and it is still a bit longer than I would have liked. However, I did my best to shorten the presentation and keep the narrative I was trying to convey. Thank you to Shepherd’s Communication faculty for viewing this video, and Dr. Kushin for advising me and pushing my content to its creative limits. Finally, a huge thank you to Sandeep, the owner of fijiwireless for funding and allowing this project to take place. His support has been monumental to my professional growth.
Finally, my mom. I love you, mom!

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