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Boost your Bounce Back with Marketing Automation

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Boost your Bounce Back with Marketing Automation

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The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way we work and likely reduced your sales pipeline and number of new business opportunities. It may have also put added pressure on the retention of your existing customers. Adapting to these challenges is therefore vital to bouncing back effectively and mitigating the impact of a possible recession on your company. This 30-minute webinar demonstrates how you can do so by automating manual marketing processes. In particular, it focuses on the functions of 4 key marketing automation tools:

• Campaign automation – nurture new and existing leads.
• Web forms – capture and identify new prospects from your website.
• Social posting – connect with leads and raise brand awareness.
• Emails – communicate with your prospects en masse.

QGate are joined by marketing automation experts ClickDimensions who have extensive experience in successfully implementing solutions to support businesses with their marketing needs.

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