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Boost your Brand & Grow Your Business with Earned Media

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Boost your Brand & Grow Your Business with Earned Media

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During the webinar, you will learn how to stand out as the real estate expert in your local market through ongoing press interviews. Earned media interviews help you build trust, establish authority and gain credibility with clients. In addition, interviews can help you attract top agents to join your team. We will share tips and tricks for how to secure a press placement, execute a successful interview and how to leverage your press coverage.

About Ylopo LLC.
Ylopo is a “next generation” digital marketing technology company. Founded in 2016 by Howard Tager and Juefeng Ge, Ylopo has built an intuitive online marketing platform that delivers innovative “Do-it-Yourself” cross-platform digital marketing services specifically designed to serve the real estate industry.

Ylopo’s complete digital marketing solution exists to enable real estate agents and teams to more quickly and effectively grow their businesses and brands.

Benefits We Provided To Real Estate Agents & Teams:

✅ Lead Generation (Buyers & Sellers)
✅ Lead Nurture (Dynamic Remarketing Technology 👑)
✅ Facebook & Google Marketing Specialists
✅ Save time and get a competitive edge in all things digital marketing

Learn More About Ylopo;
➡ Do you want a demo? Apply here – 2
➡ Website – /
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➡ CRM Integrations – n
➡ Pricing – g
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📩 Email Us – info@ylopo.com
☎️ Call Us – 844-359-5493
Location – 1735 Stewart St, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Follow Us On Social Media;
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Facebooks Case Studies on Ylopo;
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