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Boost your career with TikTok Resumes! #TikTokResumes

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Boost your career with TikTok Resumes! #TikTokResumes

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Are traditional paper resumes a thing of the past? Come discover how #TikTokResumes are shaking things up. 😏

We’re excited to support job seekers within the #TikTok community by encouraging them to turn their traditional paper resume into a digital video resume or elevator pitch.

Listen in on Monday as we share some tips on crafting your TikTok resume and discuss how we’re revolutionizing the hiring process. Leading the conversation will be TikTok creator and @Wonsulting Founder Jonathan Javier💡, @sweetgreen VP of Talent + Development Stacey Payne, @TikTok Brand Marketing Manager Kayla Dixon, and TikTok Talent Acquisition Partner Cara Schaeffer! #LifeAtTikTok

These video resumes are only being excepted through July 31st, 2021 🤗

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