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Boost Your Home WiFi Speeds Scam

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Boost Your Home WiFi Speeds Scam

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Boost Your Home WiFi Speeds Scam

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These types of scam pages are everywhere on the internet. What they are trying to do is convince you into believing they are an awesome way to boost your WiFi signal above and beyond what you are supposed to get.

You will only get the maximum WiFi speed that your ISP package offers and YES sometimes you can have a poor signal and boosters or repeaters can help to a degree. But bold claims like this fake article claim is wrong.

So is it a SCAM? Yes and No. You will boost the WiFi signal, but a fake advertisement and bold claims with fake reviews make it a scam. Also its way overpriced.

Wifi boosters or Wifi repeaters do work and yes even this cheap one will work, but they have their limitations and the bold claims from that fake site are just not true. It’s very misleading. the site’s main purpose is to boost sales and inflated prices, for an item that is not worth anywhere near that amount of money.

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