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Boost Your Linked Profile | LinkedIn Optimization in Bangla 2020 (A to Z) – LinkedIn Marketing

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Boost Your Linked Profile | LinkedIn Optimization in Bangla 2020 (A to Z) – LinkedIn Marketing

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#LinkedIn has been around since 2003 and is widely considered the benchmark for #Professional_Networking social media platforms.

However, when used correctly, and with panache, LinkedIn can perform near miracles for your career’s development. Recruiters and employers both use LinkedIn to source candidates for employment, sometimes even using recently departed employees or newly-placed employees for career-networking opportunities of their own.

Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to search for candidates. So, if you don’t have a presence on the site, you won’t come up during searches. Having a LinkedIn account also means that you can use the site to research companies, interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers, which is helpful before submitting applications and showing up to interviews.

Start by creating or updating your profile. That’s what you use to connect with people in your network. Your profile is also how you get found on LinkedIn because it contains information about your skills and experience, which are crawled by the bot to match recruiters’ employer search parameters.

1. 00:05 Welcome to LinkedIn
2. 00:23 Sign up for a new profile
3. 01:05 Setting up your LinkedIn profile
4. 03:42 Accomplishments to your profile
5. 07:47 Adding Profile Photo and professional Background Photo
6. 13:55 Adding media – video and blog
7. 17:31 Changing your LinkedIn Url
8. 20:46 Adding your website and YouTube channel
9. 25:06 Shareable content – article and post
10. 29:44 Case study – LinkedIn Company page example
11. 33:08 Creating Company profile page
12. 35:05 Managing your LinkedIn company profile
13. 35:18 Publishing new content on your company page

14. 35:57 Experience Section
15. 38:15 Education Segment
16. 39:53 Licenses & Certifications
17. 42:50 Volunteer Experience
18. 43:04 Skills & Endorsements
19. 44:28 Accomplishments
20. 44:59 Interests

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