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Boost your marketing efforts for 2032 | Digital Pratik #Shorts

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Boost your marketing efforts for 2032 | Digital Pratik #Shorts

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Boost your marketing efforts for 2032 | Digital Pratik #Shorts

Create a 5 min valuable video without CTA.

Distribute that through Facebook ads by targeting people in your segment.

Retarget people who have watched 50% or more with your products & services & see the ROI for your business.

Rinse & repeat with 10 more videos.

Thank me later!

Also when I said the DATING PART, I meant, as elders we should have over communication with kids of today’s age by thinking what we used to do as kids.

Giving sanskar is not about “not dating.”
Giving sanskar is about really communicating with kids without bringing our oldie thing.

There are so many ways.

1. You can be a little bit cool parent with your gifs talk with these kids & make them comfortable with what they share with you in future.

2. You can be kiddish & childish with them even if you had a bad frustrating day at work coz kids don’t care what kinda day you had. They care what kinda they had & how you can be a value add to that.

3. You can say NO to certain things at certain age but always understand this: Don’t make the mistake of sharing your oldie experience with them too much else they will subconsciously feel pressured with that experience.

Few kids won’t even have a phone right now while few might be dating on Snapchat.

I never had an activa in my entire schooling & college.

while my friends used to come in car with driver in 7th std as well.

we all have different upbringing.

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Who is Digital Pratik?

Digital Pratik is the founder, creator & operator at JorrParivar where Digital Pratik & his gang are building original IPs by implementing Branding & Marketing which works in the now.

Apart from being the best employee (hard working CEO/Operator) of JorrParivar, Digital Pratik is a 33-year-old, smiling practical dude, 3 times college dropout, forever turned into a practical practitioner of “Personal Branding using Social Media” & “Consumer Blockchain using NFTs”.

🎙 He has been a podcast host since October 2017 for “Digital Pratik Show” on Branding, Marketing & NFTs with more than 800 episodes & 500,000+ downloads.

He started working at the age of 21 as a college dropout at a call center job.

After 12 years of WORK EXPERIENCE into various different segments, he has successfully broken some bullshit rules = BRULES of the society.

These bullshit rules are like traditional deadlines based on the previous generations and honestly are kinda cultural myths too.

Here are a few of them:

– get a degree before 22 (he still has none)
– get a masters before 25 (he can’t even apply)
– get married before 27 (he is still unmarried at 33)
– have kids before 29 (definitely, he doesn’t have any)
– get a good savings before 30 (he started saving at the age of 29, extreme late)

and so much more.

While breaking all these brules, he started as an online chat representative at a call center as an undergraduate in 2010 for just Rs. 9700 per month!

After working happily & hard achieved the position of customer service head for one of the call centers for the UK process by 2014.

👍 In 2014, he got his 1st ever digital marketing job.

During his digital marketing job career, he has been a Sr. Digital Marketing Trainer at DSIM during 2015 -2016 & Product Manager for Digiperform during 2017 – 2018.

Finally in June 2018, left the corporate job culture & focused on his Personal Brand, Digital Pratik, full time & the journey continues.

🙏 From 2010 – 2018, while he was busy with my full-time job, he always used to figure out 3-4 extra hours for his side hustle, which now is his full-time WORK which he loves!

Since then, he has trained 50,000+ students, mentored thousands of individuals & hundreds of brands who are generating lacs per month starting from scratch, consulted few big personal brands in the closed groups from health & fitness industry, real estate, club membership, digital agency world & a lot of social media influencers too.

He has been successfully delivering keynotes & Q/A panels since 2019 which eventually led him to being a TEDx speaker on World Entrepreneurship Day 2022.

Book a Call with him now:calldp.com

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