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Boost your marketing performance with metrics that matter

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Boost your marketing performance with metrics that matter

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In today’s Monday Motivation episode of the Grow Your Brand vodcast, Lauren Kress is talking marketing metrics to help you figure out how to give your marketing performance a boost and achieve your business goals.

This episode features further discussion about the sales as a science system and how you can begin to use benchmarks and your own baseline data to determine what efforts you need to double down on to generate leads and sales and where you need improvement.

Lauren also discusses examples for where a marketing strategy may need to be discontinued or abandoned and how you can also begin to calculate the budgets required to get the revenue performance you desire.

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Key time codes:

0:00 Happy Monday!

1:41 How do you know whether a marketing strategy is almost working or not at all?

2:46 How you can support the Grow Your Brand vodcast

3:10 The role of industry benchmarks and baseline data in sales as a science system

4:20 Marketing funnel and benchmark conversions

4:50 Example of how to use marketing metrics

5:20 Marketing qualified leads

6:45 How to assess your marketing webinar conversion performance

7:50 Example of when to double down on a marketing activity

8:24 What to do if you can’t get data to determine performance

10:40 The importance of setting up tracking

10:58 Access digital marketing checklist:

11:08 When to stop a marketing activity and when to invest in a marketing activity

12:02 Action for this week: do the maths for your marketing

13:25 Understanding how reliable your data is based on sample size

15:58 Big thank you for all the LinkedIn love!

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