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Budget King: $130 Intel Core i3-12100F CPU Review & Benchmarks

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Budget King: $130 Intel Core i3-12100F CPU Review & Benchmarks

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This review benchmarks the Intel Core i3-12100 & 12100F CPUs versus the AMD R5 3600, R5 5600X, i5 CPUs, and more. At its price, this is an impressive budget gaming CPU.
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NOTE: Intel notified media that it incorrectly stated on its chipset comparison slide that H610 is 1 channel, but it is actually 1 DIMM per channel (DPC), while still being dual-channel. This was an Intel error and the company has corrected its spec tables going forward. We will adjust future content to reflect this.

The Intel Core i3-12100 and 12100F only have one major difference, and it’s the presence of an IGP. Beyond that, the CPUs are identical and behave the same in non-GPU tasks. If paired with a dGPU, they’d also behave the same (assuming you aren’t using QuickSync or some other IGP feature). We bought the Intel i3-12100F for $130 to review, and so far, it’s matching-up strong against Intel’s own i5-12600K — providing most of the performance for much less money — and against AMD’s R5 5600X and R5 3600. We plan to look at the Intel Core i5-12400 next to determine which of these two makes more sense for budget gaming PC builds in 2022.

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00:00 – Intel i3-12100F & 12100 CPU Review
01:52 – 12100 vs. 12100F Specs
04:34 – Frequency Behavior (All-Core & Single Core)
05:23 – CSGO CPU Benchmarks (1080p & 1440p on i3-12100)
06:42 – Cyberpunk 2077 Best CPU Benchmarks
07:33 – Far Cry 6 – 1080p Budget CPU Comparison
08:42 – Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Gaming CPU
09:20 – Total War: Three Kingdoms (Battle) – 1080p
10:08 – Rainbow Six Siege (1080p & 1440p)
11:41 – F1 2021 – 1080p/High
12:17 – Production Testing: Blender
13:26 – Chromium Code Compile
14:14 – Adobe Premiere
14:43 – Adobe Photoshop
15:08 – 7-Zip Compression & Decompression
15:44 – Power Consumption – Blender & Cinebench
16:27 – Conclusion

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Host, Test Lead, Writing: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video Editing: Keegan Gallick

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