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Build a Strong Marketing Campaign With Amazon DSP Advertising!

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Build a Strong Marketing Campaign With Amazon DSP Advertising!

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Up until now, Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) were mosly used by advanced FBA sellers. Right now many more sellers started looking into this opportunity to advertise their products on and off Amazon.

In this video, Micaela Milano from Perpetua shares some of the latest news regarding Amazon advertising, highlighting DSP advertising which is not anymore exclusive to selected vendors and is now accessible to other sellers through different advertising service providers.

She explains when is the right time to start using DSP ads, introduces a keyword boost strategy that could be used for relevant keywords that usually don’t perform and highlights 3 things that sellers could do when their ads are not performing.

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🔶 Topics covered in the video:

➤ 00:00 Amazon DSP
➤ 00:44 Perpetua & Micaela Milano
➤ 02:52 Latest updates
➤ 02:51 When should start DSP as an advertiser?
➤ 04:06 As a keyword boost tip in the campaign
➤ 06:10 3 Important advertising advice
➤ 08:16 Best resources to learn Amazon advertising?
➤ 09:26 Contact Perpetua

Perpetua provides growth optimization and reporting technology for the world’s smartest e-commerce businesses. Integrations with Amazon, Instacart, and Google Ads ensure brands achieve full-funnel engagement and maximum visibility.

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🔶 Video host – LISETT LEES

Lisett is an Amazon FBA Expert and Strategist who works with different brands helping them to stay on top of the Amazon game. She advises business owners on setting goals and managing the store, helps to create optimised product pages and use Seller Central tools to build the best customer experience for the buyers in order to get more sales for the sellers. Since she started out in 2016 as an Amazon virtual assistant, her mission has been to help businesses run their Amazon stores cost-and time efficiently.

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