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Business Advertising Hack (that Big Businesses are Using)

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Business Advertising Hack (that Big Businesses are Using)

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Business Advertising Hack Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Inspired by “I Spent $20,000 Advertising On YouTube And Now Everyone Hates Me” by Danny Gonzales. Advertising Boost, Marketing Boost.

The goal of this video is to give you as a business owner, sales person, marketer or entrepreneur the knowledge and access to a set of tools that gives you a significant advantage over your competition and a compelling reason for prospects and clients to choose you and your product and service offering.

The Next Big Thing in Marketing is Incentive Based Marketing
Put simply Incentive Based Marketing is using a compelling, irresistible bonus/incentive/premium to generate significant additional sales. In addition, it will help you take the focus off the price and scale winning offers like never before.
Sales and Marketing Incentives work for virtually any type of business to dramatically increase sales.

In many cases consumers are buying the main product to get the premium/incentive and are more excited about the Incentive than they are the main product.

Large corporations have been crushing it with this strategy for over 30 years, and previously it was not available to small and medium businesses. That has all changed now and clever marketers and sales professionals who are using this strategy have a significant advantage over their competition.

Here is a logical explainer of how Incentive Based Marketing works – In this case using a vacation as an Incentive (we’ll explain how to do that shortly).

If we have 2 businesses offering a comparable service and one of them is going to offer an incentive to choose them like a free vacation / holiday and the other is not – chances are the customer will go for the option with the free incentive every time.

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