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Business Partners? | Pros & Cons

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Business Partners? | Pros & Cons


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Is a business partnership worth it?
What are the pros and cons of having business partners?

Here’s the much-awaited episode of the Hot Take so far. This episode is unique because we have two of the founding partners of Batch Service, Jesse Burrell, and Ivo Draginov. Jesse and Ivo, along with Anny Draginova, started Batch Skip Tracing in 2017, and today, they run multiple thriving software companies. In this episode, they will be discussing everything needed to obtain a successful Business Partnership.

A little tidbit about Ivo: Ivo has been in the real estate business for the last 14 years. He has solely done over 200 flips and has been wholesaling houses since 2015.

Initially, Ivo was very hesitant to join a business partnership. So before entering into a partnership, they started dating to understand if they would fit their business. However, both of them were continuing to do their side hustles separately.

According to Ivo, you must find a business partner that compliments your skill sets. If you succeed in finding, the partner for you, the first benefit you will receive from the partnership is the division of labor. With more people involved in your business, you must focus on your specific tasks while others work on tasks according to their skills.

While some of the most significant businesses are founded by great partnerships, some are destroyed by bad partnerships. So choose your partners wisely.

Connect with Ivo below!

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