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CCA CRA – Got Treble?

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CCA CRA – Got Treble?

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CCA CRA is the latest iem from CCA featuring an ultra thin and fast high polymer diaphragm dynamic driver.

Thank you to KZ for sending this review unit. You can find the CCA CRA at KZ’s official store here: a

00:00 Intro
00:21 Close Up
01:08 KZ Upgrade Cable
01:37 Stock Cable
01:54 Vs CRN
04:00 Vs EDX
04:45 Vs Oxygen
05:42 Peaky to Me
07:13 CRN or CRA
08:21 Stock tips
08:46 U Shape
09:36 Bass
11:03 Mids
13:00 Treble
15:00 Stage

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