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CEO vs COO vs CFO – Roles, Responsibilities and Salary

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CEO vs COO vs CFO – Roles, Responsibilities and Salary

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In the C-suite, the most prominent positions are the CEO, COO, and CFO – the chief executive officer, the chief operations officer, and the chief financial officer. These 3 positions, along with others, form the top-most tier of leadership at any organization. They share certain aspects of their roles but the functional roles are very different.

The difference between CEO, COO and CFO in terms of their roles and responsibilities, is based on their respective functions relative to their departments.

6 key differences between the CEO, the COO, and the CFO –
1) Primary responsibilities
2) Hierarchy
3) Liaising
4) Functional role
5) Culture
6) Challenges

CEO vs COO vs CFO salary –
The salaries of executives in the C-suite are highly dependent on factors such as the size of the company, their own experience, the industry, the kind of company, etc.

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