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Cloudflare (NET) Stock Analysis 2021 | High Growth SaaS Stock

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Cloudflare (NET) Stock Analysis 2021 | High Growth SaaS Stock

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Cloudflare’s (NET) stock price has increased 500% this year, but its continual growth at scale of 50% every year has managed to keep the company looking even stronger than its ticker. In this video I look into Cloudflare’s background and ambitions and analyze how these are realized in Cloudflare’s Q4 2020 earnings report.

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Cloudflare is a company that seeks to improve the way the internet itself works. From CDNs, for firewalls, to analytics, to edge computing, Cloudflare is not afraid to continually launch new products. This continual focus on innovation has been a strong driver of Cloudflare’s growth, and this can clearly be seen in their Q4 earnings results, with the company growing an additional 50% YoY.

In this video I will primarily focus on Cloudflare as a long-term investment which I could hold for 5+ years, though I do offer my thoughts on what they may see next quarter. In general I do not offer short-term stock advice or talk about technical analysis, so if that’s what you are looking for, this may not be the channel for you.

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