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Complete Google SEO Marketing Plan to Boost Your Website Ranking using Free Tools

by admin
Complete Google SEO Marketing Plan to Boost Your Website Ranking using Free Tools

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This is a complete Google SEO marketing plan that will help you improve your website ranking, using free tools.

Today this strategy will teach you:

On page SEO
Off page SEO
Keyword research
How to silo your website
How to optimise your site for Google
Free tools to use

Hey guys so today we’re going to talk about SEO I’m going to give you a complete SEO marketing plan I haven’t seen anything online that goes as in-depth as we’re going in today.

So let’s get down to it let’s improve your website ranking because what you will learn by the end of this lesson today is how to optimize your on-page SEO content, specifically for Google.

You’re going to SEO content specifically so it ranks in Google so you can get a better website ranking. Hopefully we’re gonna get you on the front page of Google for your keywords and we’re going to do it within a few months instead of years.

And we’re going to do it using free and easy to use SEO tools so all the SEO tools that I covered today won’t cost you a penny to use and if there are premium versions available we’re going to stick with the basic trial versions and you don’t have to out your credit card details or anything like that to use these.

But why should you listen to me anyway?

Well, I’ve been in this industry since 1998 – since it began and in that time I’ve engineered hundreds of websites to rank on the front page of Google.

We’re going to focus on the techniques that always stay the same. We’re sticking with white hat SEO techniques, so this is what has always worked over the last 20+ years.

So let’s get down into keyword research.

Keyword research is really important because you have to know if there’s an audience for your content if there’s no audience don’t choose those keywords so I want you to choose one primary keyword for every piece of content you make. The primary keyword this is the most important keyword on the page so for example if you’re targeting weight loss your primary keyword would be “weight loss”.

Obviously spend a bit of time doing keyword research to make sure that the search volume isn’t too competitive and at the same time make sure there’s enough people searching for that keyword to make it viable. I would recommend if your website is brand new then stick under a thousand searches per month but if your website is established then go through for a search volume of at least a thousand a month.

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