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Confused about marketing? This will help! Live Masterclass for authors, coaches, speakers

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Confused about marketing? This will help! Live Masterclass for authors, coaches, speakers

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Are you the best kept secret in your profession?
Are you struggling to get people to buy your books, enroll in your courses or book you on shows or stages?

Then you will want to join me for a LIVE Masterclass on the 3 Keys to Marketing Success. I will show you how to effectively market yourself without being spammy, and without spending a lot of money or hiring staff.

With 20+ years in global media I know the keys to successful marketing and they are easier than you think.

Register for this class so you get the reminders, replays and links to download my Worksheets and Marketing Templates. You can also send me questions ahead of time that I’ll answer for you live.

You will leave inspired and be free of confusion as you create a marketing plan and content strategy for the whole year.

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Inspiring speakers, authors, doctors & coaches to become global personal brands so that they can reach more people, sell more products and have an extraordinary impact without losing their integrity

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Andrea is a Managing Director of Make Your Mark Global Partners and the creator of The AUTHENTIC Personal Branding Bootcamp and the MVP Publishing Process. Learn more at

Andrea’s New TEDx is LIVE! 🎤🎶
“How Music Saved My Life”

Andrea has a PASSION for empowering change-makers and Lightworkers to bring their brilliance to the world through personal branding and authentic communication. Her training for speakers, authors and coaches helps you leverage the media & public speaking to share your message with a global audience.

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—————- ABOUT ANDREA ————-
Dr. Andrea Pennington is an international TEDx speaker, bestselling author and TV personality working with global media brands including Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz, Discovery Health Channel, CNN, LUXE-TV, Gaia, Thrive Global, the HuffingtonPost and more.

Beyond her wildly popular TEDx where she explained how dealing with depression & imposter syndrome led her to hit rock bottom, Dr. Andrea shares weekly videos to inspire you to rise up to live as your authentic self.
See her TEDx “Become Who You Really Are” here:

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