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Coretalk – Mobile CRM for Salons & Spas

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Coretalk – Mobile CRM for Salons & Spas

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Meet Sarah, she owns and runs a Spa. Her client base has grown significantly over the years but so has her problems. She now spends far too much time on the phone making bookings, rescheduling them, reminding customers about their appointments and dealing with the no shows.This is leaving her with less time to focus on her current clients needs and requirements.She is now stressed and grumpy, trying her best to cope with the admin nightmare and maintain the high level of service her customers have grown accustomed to. This is effecting her business as the customers are not re-booking!!
How can she solve this communication breakdown and free up time to focus on her customers, whilst making their lives convenient and simple at the same time.
While pondering she notices that everyone is texting, she sees the way people communicate have changed! How can she communicate with her customers the way they like too?How can she get people to text her business? Easy, with Coretalk!
With her new Coretalk Mobile CRM Solution she has saved time and provided a simple convenient way for her customers to simply TEXT her business to book, re-book, re-schedule, confirm appointments, order products, request gift vouchers or just to say hi.
She can also use TEXT messaging to remind them, thank them, conduct after treatment surveys and even wish them a happy birthday.
She’s now back in control, happy and business is looking up.
Want to see how she did this? Watch the demonstration movie or simply
Contact us by texting the word “Spa” to 083 309 3520.

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