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Coupon Marketing for Video Business

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Coupon Marketing for Video Business

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How to scale your OTT Business with Coupons?
What is Coupon Marketing?
Coupon marketing is about making use of coupon codes and discounts to attract and retain users.
Types of coupons.
Generic Coupons.
These are coupons that are available to everyone on the internet.
Personalized Coupons.
Receiving personalized coupon codes makes users feel valued.
Generic Coupons can be.
Holiday coupons.
Sign up coupons.
Refer a friend coupons.
Plan upgrade coupons.

Personalized coupons are coupons like,
Cart abandonment coupons triggered when user abandons cart.
Sorry coupons to make up for an issue caused to the user.
Re-engagement to make inactive users come back to your service

Your brand should have a Coupon Strategy because it helps with
Building brand recognition with new customers.
It also gives you the chance to upsell,
you can track the Return of Investment of your coupon campaign easily

So what are you waiting for..
Give the boost your video business needs with your coupon campaigns and skyrocket your user base

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