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Crack Major companies without DSA in Development roles | 50+ LPA salary | SDE | Top 10 series

by admin
Crack Major companies without DSA in Development roles | 50+ LPA salary | SDE | Top 10 series

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We have all heard about how DSA based interviews do not actually test how good a person can be in software engineering, as these are generally very different than what we do at work, many companies have started to realize it and have started to change the interview process for it.

Here, I have talked about in detail the top 10 companies that do not ask DSA questions in SDE interviews and pay great! ❤️

In this video I have talked about those companies, hiring in India with a different approach, and have talked about the interview structure for these companies in complete detail!.

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Timestamp :
0:00 Intro
1:33 Project based learning with placement assistance
2:43 Company#10
4:35 Company#9
5:37 Company#8
6:36 Company#7
7:47 Company#6
8:50 Company#5
10:18 Company#4
11:27 Company#3
12:13 Compant#2
12:41 Company#1
13:52 Conclusion
14:26 Outro

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