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Creatives to Boost ROI in Social Media, Content, Digital Marketing w Jason Beauregard #advertising

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Creatives to Boost ROI in Social Media, Content, Digital Marketing w Jason Beauregard #advertising

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00:00 Sabir Welcomes Jason Beauregard
03:23 How Jason Beauregard Discovered His Love of Film
23:31 Why a Massive Marketing Campaign Failed
25:29 The Three-Second Marketing Rule
33:08 The Power of Effective Video Advertising
37:50 Handling a Multi-Million Dollar Campaign with a Shoestring Budget
40:16 The Story Behind a Powerful Commercial
44:55 The Story is Everything
48:59 The Only Thing that Social Media Cares About
53:25 An Effective Commercial Shot for Next to Nothing

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In this episode, Jason Beauregard (guest) and Sabir Semerkant (host) go over maximizing ROI and RoAS on creative advertising (ads) for your business. Specifically, the episode focuses on the following types of questions:
* How to Create Content during the Pandemic?
* What Goes into a Viral Video?
* You Don’t Need a Big Budget
* Why Are Brands Boycotting Social Media?

TV advertisers spend a lot of time and money making sure their commercials are shown at the right times. In the past, they would even watch the shows for which their commercials would be shown, checking that they were positive and relevant.
They wanted complete control over what the viewers saw because they understood that the viewer’s mindset was key to controlling how their brand and products were perceived.

With Facebook, they don’t have any of that control.

A brand can choose a specific demographic, telling Facebook that the ad should only be shown in specific areas and to specific age groups, but they can’t control what that person is watching before, during, or after they see the ad.
This is ultimately what caused the “Adpocalypse” on YouTube. Countless creators had their videos demonetized overnight and entire subjects were suddenly deemed “unfriendly” to advertisers.

YouTube was pressured into making this move because those same advertisers wanted complete control over where their commercials were shown and simply couldn’t bear the idea that they might be shown on videos with bad language, graphic scenes, and even slightly negative news stories.
From the perspective of a social media influencer, it all feels like a step too far, but from the advertiser’s perspective, it’s an important part of maintaining brand identity and integrity.

By the end of the episode, you’ll be all caught up on increasing ROI and RoAS on creative advertising (ads) for your business.

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