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Cross-Channel Marketing | Growmatik Review | Growmatik Lifetime Deal

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Cross-Channel Marketing | Growmatik Review | Growmatik Lifetime Deal

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Cross-Channel Marketing | Growmatik Review | Growmatik Lifetime Deal
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Automate marketing campaigns with targeted content on a smart marketing platform

You can’t expect to max out sales when you’re pushing the same generic content to every potential customer. (“Hey… you. I know you also like people, places, and things!”)

But it feels impossible to create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns without stringing together a bunch of software and breaking the bank.

You need a marketing platform that automatically shows relevant messaging to target audiences, based on both real-time user behavior and historical data.

Growmatik is a cross-channel marketing automation platform that allows you to create highly targeted web content, emails, and pop-ups.

Growmatik helps you serve every segment of your audience with personalized web pages, emails, and pop-ups from one powerful dashboard.

You can run laser-focused marketing campaigns using threefold automation technology (trigger, audience, and action) combined with real-time behavior and historical records.

Set up one-off or recurring automations with multiple conditions and actions by using “if this then that” logic. This lets you automate segmentation across web pages, emails, and pop-ups.

You’ll be able to get started fast with pre-made automation recipes for Black Friday sales emails, exit-intent discount popups, and customer welcome emails.

Growmatik collects customer data from different channels based on 100+ filters, including site activity, shopping behavior, email behavior, and referral sources.

Combine this data to create hyper-targeted content, like highly-personalized emails that cross-sell products.

You can also create custom audiences or use pre-made segments that focus on active customers, bounced visitors, cart abandoners, returning users, and RFM groups.

Growmatik segments are dynamic and real-time, so your segments are always relevant and meaningful.

Drag and drop your way to highly personalized emails, pop-ups, and web pages, or get started with ready-made marketing templates.

Growmatik lets you use dynamic content modules to serve personalized products, blog posts, and keywords to skyrocket customer engagement.

For example, you can display abandoned cart items in a follow-up email or offer specific discounted products inside a pop-up.

Access performance reports on website behavior, sales, customers, and emails with tailored KPIs and comparison charts to measure growth.

You can analyze engagement and conversions for separate marketing campaigns all on the same dashboard.

And with powerful attribution reports, you’ll even be able to measure sign-ups and sales referred from domains, UTMs, and geolocations.

You shouldn’t have to use 20 different tools just to deliver personalized marketing content.

Growmatik makes it a cinch to automate laser-focused messaging for unique audience segments, so you can boost engagement across the board.

Run smarter marketing campaigns.

Get lifetime access to Growmatik today!

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