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Digital Advertising Tips: Optimizing Ad Performance

by admin
Digital Advertising Tips: Optimizing Ad Performance

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Optimizing your digital advertising campaigns takes a bit of pre-planning but smart advertisers know that even a few simple tests can dramatically boost ad performance.

In this video I discuss three easy ways to test and optimize your ad campaigns. Follow these steps and you/ll be well on your way to maximizing your marketing ROI.

1. Test at least four different versions on your ad (image, copy, colors, headlines, etc.)

2. Experiment with different destinations for your traffic. Your initial clicks should be spread across different variations of the same landing page.

3. Perhaps most importantly, experiment with different conversion goals. Making “the sale” might be an obvious choice, but what if you lead your potential customers through an email series first?

Do you use any of these tips in your daily marketing activities? Let me know which are your favorites in the comment section.

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