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Digital Incentive Based Marketing Tips w/ Marco Torres, Founder @ Marketing Boost #podcast

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Digital Incentive Based Marketing Tips w/ Marco Torres, Founder @ Marketing Boost #podcast

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Hi, there friend!
This interview is from my LinkedIn Water Cooler Podcast. Just another day in the life of a podcaster!

Marco Torres has been an entrepreneur since age 9 when he started his first business as a paperboy.

By the age of 12, he had the biggest paper route in San Juan Puerto Rico where he grew up and was featured on the front page of the newspaper!!

Now he is the Founder of MarketingBoost.com, he has helped thousands of business owners worldwide boost sales and scale their businesses through his incentive-based marketing philosophy and strategies.

His Facebook Groups combined are home to more than 80,000 active business owners who are raking in sales with his advice and amazingly affordable travel incentive subscription program.

On this episode of LinkedIn Water Cooler Talk we chatted about:

– How important an attitude of gratitude for entrepreneurs and those in leadership

– The incentive-based marketing strategy and his business

– The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make when growing their business

– My desire to go to Cancun for free through his services (hey you gotta shoot your shot, you know, ;D) Tune in to this fun and casual Friday episode, I think you will enjoy it!

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