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Digital Marketing Audit by Dominators – PEC700

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Digital Marketing Audit by Dominators – PEC700

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A promotional video based on the Digital Marketing Audit. A Digital Marketing Audit is a systematic, in-depth assessment of your company’s marketing strategies, systems, goals, and performance that considers both internal and external factors. A sound audit recommends a plan of action to uplift the company’s performance.
Why must you do a marketing assessment? Is it worth all the time and financial investment? 
Well, there are at least six major benefits to inspire you to do your first (or next) audit:

Identify bottlenecks and weaknesses

No matter how well you are doing, there is always room for improvement. An audit lays bare all the bottlenecks and weaknesses in your systems that impede growth. Once you get rid of all the hold-ups you pave way for growth.

Spot untapped growth opportunities

If you are like most business owners, you are probably sitting on a goldmine. There are new ready-to-buy markets you can explore. You can fill a gap your competitors are missing or bundle certain products/services for more profits. A good audit opens your eyes to all these opportunities you can exploit.

Stay aligned with company goals

You can become so absorbed in the daily grind of running your business that you lose sight of your primary goals. Constant audits remind you of your company’s northern star metric so you don’t stray.

Rekindle your team’s spirits
When you sell a product for a long time, you become blind to its brilliance. Nothing reminds you of your products’ awesomeness than an audit. You fall in love with your company and products all over again. Above all, remember your big why.

Build on your strengths

As a business you have so much going for you. Maybe you have an extensive track record so people trust you unreservedly. Perhaps your strategies are unmatched. Or you are innovative. Your products are always fresh and exciting. An audit reveals your strong points, so you consolidate your position on the market.

Boost your return on investment (ROI)

An audit forces you to ditch what isn’t working and stick to what works. By getting rid of dud tactics you save and reassign resources elsewhere. You introduce new strategies to bolster underperforming areas. Not only does this increase efficiency, but it also boosts your ROI in the long run.


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