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Digital Marketing Funnel Stages Explained To Boost Your Growth

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Digital Marketing Funnel Stages Explained To Boost Your Growth

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Digital Marketing Funnel Stages Explained To Boost Your Growth

In this video I will explain the Digital Marketing Funnel Stages also known as the Sales Funnel Stages, the sales funnel explained or digital marketing sales funnel as ultimately the aim is to make sales.

In the last video we looked at the different stages of the Digital Marketing Funnel at a high level and today we will cover the digital marketing funnel explanation in more detail and the digital marketing funnel definition.

So the first stage at the top of the funnel you want to be attracting new customers and gaining their attention. This could be a number of methods, flyer’s, trade shows, on-line ads, social media. SO you need to maximize this area as the more prospects you can introduce when the Digital Marketing Funnel Stages are set up correctly they becomes money making machine for your business.

And we would then introduce more funnels in as many areas as you had prospects entering your business reach.

So the sales funnel stages explained you will see you want to be connecting with customers you could be using email sequences, social media, videos, your website content or ideally a combination of all these. As you want to be educating the prospects on your products.

At the next stage of the funnel you want to be building value & trust. Answering your prospect queries and overcoming objections. This could be using your website FAQs. Showing Products Reviews and testimonials. Your product comparions and social media videos and the like. These are all to help your prospect make a buying decision and overcome any buying objections.

At the last stage of the funnel the prospects are now ready to buy and these are hot prospects for your business. At this stage you need to make it easy for them to support the buying decision. This could be easy to navigate on-line payments systems. Think Amazon or it could be offering payment terms and even showing reviews at the check out.

So you can see the way the 4 stages of the digital marketing funnel stages come together is a very powerful method for your business. If set up correctly they will continue to do their function and turn your prospects into your customers.

You can see also that the 4 stages also align with the 4 traditional marketing principles of AIDA and that is why they work so well.

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