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Digital Marketing (Part 1)’:Facebook Ad Boost by Shivprasad Mali

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Digital Marketing (Part 1)’:Facebook Ad Boost by Shivprasad Mali

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We are happy to provide you Online Trainings on various business topics.

Please check this video recording for one of the live training session we have conducted on Digital Marketing:

We have covered following things through this training session:

A. Facebook Page:
1. Create Facebook Page
2. Create Facebook ID
3. Follow Vs Like
4. Set Role Model & Benchmarks
5. Facebook Page Verification, Page Remove, Page Merge
6. Use Facebook Messenger link
7. Page Role & its importance
8. Connecting with Instagram & WhatsApp
9. Which Platform should we use to promote MS-CIT?
10. Cross Marketing/Posting
B. Facebook Ad Boost:
11. Facebook Campaign Vs Facebook Boost
12. Facebook Insights- Reach, Engagement & Impression
13. Select Best post to use for Boost
14. Read Facebook post effect
15. Facebook Text Overlay Tool
16. Facebook Ad Preview
17. Selecting Facebook Ad Objective
18. Learn Action Button & Its importance
19. Demo- Connecting Facebook with your WhatsApp
20. Create Audience- Gender, Age, Map,
21. Detailed targeting, Interest, Behaviour, Suggestion, brows
22. Basic Thumb Rules for Facebook Marketing

All ALCs are requested to study this video before attending the next session on Digital Marketing.

Thank you!

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