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Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Website Traffic and Conversions with Chris Dreyer

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Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Website Traffic and Conversions with Chris Dreyer

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Personal injury law is a saturated field — there are thousands of firms battling for top spots on Google search results. So, how do you stand out from your competitors?

According to digital marketing expert and Rankings CEO Chris Dreyer, there are two top digital assets that law firms should focus on: their website and their content. When crafting content and updating your website, you have to keep the consumer in mind. Is your website accessible? Is your content readable? Are you showcasing your authority and expertise?

When it comes to your website, you want to create a flat architecture, which makes it easy to access each page of your website quickly. Most people are just focused on website aesthetics, but a great website makes it easy for consumers to find information.

A flat website is one that doesn’t have sub-folders for every different category — all pages are one or two clicks away from your home page. This means that you have to be intentional with every single piece of content and where you’re placing it.

In regards to the content itself, your goal is to have the best content on the internet. Not only should you be outputting more content to differentiate yourself, but it should be high-quality content to prove that you’re an expert in the field.

But here’s one thing many lawyers get wrong: you shouldn’t make your content too complex. It needs to be legally accurate, but it also needs to be conversational and easy for consumers to understand.

Learn more in this episode of the David vs. Goliath podcast with elite personal injury lawyers Matt Dolman and Stan Gipe and their guest, Chris Dreyer, an expert in SEO and digital marketing for law firms. They discuss the top digital assets every firm should focus on, how to improve your website and content to boost conversions, and how to keep up with changes in the digital world.

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In this episode:

[00:00] Introduction

[00:40] Matt Dolman and Stan Gipe introduce their guest, Chris Dreyer

[01:36] What is a digital asset, and what is a vertical?

[03:18] The top digital assets for law firms

[06:10] Tips to create more high-quality content that ranks on Google

[13:20] Matt and Chris discuss how they’ve built up Dolman Law Group’s website architecture

[16:35] How to rank for a keyword and convert consumers on the right pages

[19:34] Paid search versus organic search

[21:53] How can you stay relevant and keep up with technology changes?

[25:44] Why pay-per-click is so difficult nowadays

[29:09] How search engine results are changing

[32:01] Chris talks about the future of digital marketing

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