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EASY Tip to Boost Your Health

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EASY Tip to Boost Your Health

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My friend told me years ago I should make this change and it has been A LIFESAVER!

This channel is about REALLY ORGANIC living and everything related to health. Thanks for watching. Subscribe for more of my discoveries on the road to health.
I am not a doctor or nutritionist or anything important at all. I am just a regular person, sorting through an enormous amount of health info and trial and error, trying to get my body in perfect health. Join me in my quest and let’s share info and findings!

You can support the channel by buying thru the links in the description, as I am an Amazon Associate and get pennies on the dollar for referring you (and you don’t pay any more at all).

Here is part 1 of my “Best Natural Health Channels on YouTube”. The info on these channels has taught me so much:

My favorite stuff ( i only recommend stuff i use) (always check my most recent videos for the most updated list as i CHANGE AS I LEARN):

***NONE OF THESE COMPANIES PAY ME TO RECOMMEND THEIR PRODUCTS. (but if any company wants to, I don’t mind lol)

I get asked ALL THE TIME about that cool glass cooking pot in many of the videos:
-Catamount Bean Pot
** and the diffuser needed for electric burners:

-Tri-Field EMF Meter (I have the first version and the 2nd is out now):
**Cornet ED78S EMF/RF Meter (but the new model is out ED88TPlus): (My recommendation if you can only get one. Measures everything except Dirty Electricity)
-GreenWave Dirty Electricity Meter:

-See Dr. Hulda Clark’s book ‘THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES’ for an incredible understanding of the bad molds on our foods and in our bodies:
-The BRAIN WARRIORS WAY by Dr. DAniel Amen or ANY of Dr. Amen’s books. THIS MAN IS CHANGING THE WORLD. Check out his new book THE END OF MENTAL ILLNESS (he is NOT kidding):

-THE PLANT PARADOX by Dr. Gundry. It’s a hard diet to follow, but it is SO WORTH IT when your health drastically improves:

-Nut/Seed/Coffee GRINDER:
-Oster BLENDER (very easy to clean):
– Ovente INFRARED Burner – Low EMF – works great!! –
-This FinessCity long handled TITANIUM spoon is gr8:
– Arcuisine Borosilicate GLASS Oval Casserole w/lid 3 Quarts:
-Anchor Hocking 1 QT GLASS BOWL:
-BPA free plastic BALL JAR LIDS.
-Lead free glass GALLON JUGS for water storage:

-Best Organic Cotton Socks:
-Organic Cotton Women’s TANK TOP:
-Organic Cotton LONG SLEEVE SHIRT for Women:
-The ORGANIC HEMP CORD I use to make organic hemp medicine bags and necklaces:
-Expensive Organic COTTON SHEET (you CAN find MUCH more affordable ones):
-Organic undyed COTTON MATERIAL for sewing:

-Sage I use for smudging:
-Eden’s Garden wildcrafted Myrrh Essential Oil:
-North American Herb and Spice Wildcrafted Oil of Oregano
-organic manuka honey: ( EXTERNAL USE ONLY)
-Infrared therapy lamp base:
-Infrared heat bulb for above lamp:

*Prices change on Amazon! Always check for the best price! and search the whole web too!
*Really Organic is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.
-If you like the products i recommend and buy through my link, you don’t pay any more! But you help support Really Organic because Amazon thanks me for the referral with pennies on the dollar from your purchase.
This video is not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any health condition. I am not a doctor and am not giving medical advice. Please see your health care provider before trying anything discussed in any of these videos. These videos are for informational and entertainment purposes only and to share my experience.

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