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eCommerce Marketing Tactics I Practical Tips to Boost Your Sales & Reduce Cart Abandonment

by admin
eCommerce Marketing Tactics I Practical Tips to Boost Your Sales & Reduce Cart Abandonment

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Hello friends, welcome back to digital 6sense.
In today’s episode – I will talk about top 5 Actionable marketing tactics to drive more sales in your ecommerce store, while addressing few pain points of your potential customers.

When customers sift through your product categories, they land on individual product pages before making a purchase. So, it’s important that your product pages are visually appealing, provide useful information, and answer all the last-minute questions customers may have.

To improve your product page; you should
 Put useful & original content and detailed description of the products, do not just copy and paste information from a product manufacturer’s website
 Show Color options, if your product comes in different colors.
 Use Photo tools or 360-Degree Product Images – You have to give customers the option to zoom in on your product and look at products in different ways
 Provide an intelligent search bar, Filters for category, and a prominent call to action button
 Display Security Badges and statements (People often doubt the security level of a website, especially new visitors. (You need to infuse your site with credibility by adding trust badges throughout your checkout process)
 Lastly, prioritize mobile-friendly design – (It makes the checkout seamless for these mobile users as well as uniform across all device types.)

When it comes to your checkout process, less is more!
To optimize this.
1. Avoid Forced registration or Account creation by offering Guest Checkout or Social Login options. (Not all customers want to register for a service, despite they see value in making a one-time purchase.)
2. Don’t ask for unnecessary information. And Try to put a one-page checkout.
3. Provide Multiple Payment Options (Prioritize the most popular methods first, expanding the options as your business grows and scaling becomes feasible.)
4. Offer Free Shipping or at least cut-down the shipping cost. (It gives customers a sense of joy when the product amount remains the same throughout.)
5. Boost shopper’s confidence with clear Returns and security policies.

Shopping cart abandonment is the single largest obstacle for ecommerce sales. And personalized triggered emails are the most effective ways to retarget them those left your site without making a purchase. Utilize triggered email series to recapture abandoning shoppers, and drive purchases.
You can send
1. Welcome Email or Product Catalog Emails
2. Cart Abandonment Emails or Price Drop Notification
3. Special occasion email, like special offers, Discounts, Re-engagement
4. Post-purchase emails etc.

While browsing your website, customers will have questions about your product and services. With live chat, you can answer them immediately – while the buyer is still on your website. This is what makes live chat so powerful. It has the highest customer satisfaction level among all the customer service channels.
1. Live chat boosts your brand’s credibility, deliver a better customer service experience
2. It allows you to monitor visitors in real time
3. It gives your e-commerce store a humane touch. (No matter how ‘digital’ this age gets; there’s one thing which has no replacement – human connect.)
4. It increases the chances of sales conversions
5. You can gather Qualitative Data from Your Live Chat to Optimize Your Site


When a brand offers a product that is better than the initial one customer was buying, we call it upselling. It is a strategy to sell a superior, more expensive version of a product that the customer already owns (or is buying).

You can offer an upsell:
1. During Shopping or browsing through your product pages
2. When They View Their Cart
3. During their Checkout, or in Order Confirmation Page

Now you may be thinking – how do I actually incorporate it into my e-commerce store?
Well, If your store is based on WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento. then many upselling tools or plugins are already available, like Cart Add-ons, Bold Commerce, CartHook, Bold Upsell, Checkout Boost, Unlimited Upsell, Beeketing etc. – just to name a few.

Product upselling and cross-selling is one of the easiest ways to increase your average order value, improve customer lifetime value, and generally raise your bottom line.

If you are falling short in any of these areas – you are leaving money on the table.

These are in fact deadly sins that can kill your eCommerce sales conversion. you need to fix at all cost. So, act on these tactics and see the best ROI possible.

That’s all for today.
See you in the next video. Till then -Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.

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