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Eisenhower Matrix online video cutter com

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The Eisenhower Matrix is a simple yet powerfuldecision-making tool that helps you distinguish between tasks that are important, tasks that are not important, tasks that are urgent, and tasks that are not urgent. It divides tasks into four sections that prioritize which activities should be completed first and which should be delegated or removed.

Also known as the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, the Eisenhower Box, or the Urgent-Important Matrix.

You will have four empty boxes, two by two, after drawing your Eisenhower Matrix. This allows you to categorize your to-do items into one of four categories:

First Quadrant (upper left): urgent and important
Second Quadrant (upper right): important, but not urgent
Third Quadrant (lower left): not important, but urgent
Fourth Quadrant (lower right): neither important nor urgent
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