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Episode 186: CRMs And Database Management

by admin
Episode 186: CRMs And Database Management

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Any successful business must create, maintain and market to a database. The best way to accomplish proper database management is to have a CRM.

Which CRM to have is less important. The importance should be on carrying out the consistent activities required to lead generate in order to grow your database.

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Dustin Owen is a Certified Mortgage Banker and a 15+ year veteran of the mortgage industry – who started his career as a loan officer – and now helps run one of the largest regions for Waterstone Mortgage. In addition to working as a mortgage professional, Dustin also owns a real estate investment company and is a venture capitalist.

JC is an Emmy award-wining content creator and producer with over 12 years of experience in digital media, social media and marketing. JC has collaborated with the largest brands in the world of sports and entertainment including, EA SPORTS, NFL, NBA, NHL, FIFA, Xbox, PlayStation and Nike.

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