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Eufy Boost IQ Robovac 11s REVIEW & TESTS – Robot Vacuum

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Eufy Boost IQ Robovac 11s REVIEW & TESTS – Robot Vacuum

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Jumping right into the pros one of the best things about the Eufy 11s is that it cleans remarkably well. On carpets it very smoothly picked up all the debris in the test from fine debris to pet hair to extra large debris, and it did about the same on low or high power. the Eufy really stood out to me in that it was very efficient with its pickup getting most of the debris on the first pass.

On hard floors the same was true, it did have some scattering of debris and blowing light debris around with its exhaust but no more than I have come to expect with even very high end robot vacuums, but it did efficiently pick up the debis of all sizes and again with very little difference on low and high power. I know I say basically the same thing for every vacuum I review on this point but after all the tests I have done I was particularly impressed with the Eufys pickup especially for a budget robot vacuum.

It has a lot of power, we measured its airflow at 15 cfm on high and 10 cfm on low which was quite a bit more than its main competitor the Deebot N79s and it really showed on things like the crevice pickup test where it did as good or better than robot vacuums twice its price.

Also with the deep clean test were we rub sand into medium pile carpet and weigh the dust bin before and after, it scored 68%, which again beat the Deebot n79s and the Ilife by quite a bit.

Its navigation is random meaning it vacuums more or less randomly to clean your home, but there were some things to note here. First I felt it was much more efficient resulting in fewer missed spots than with the Deebot or the Ilife empty room tests, and got the job done in less time. I also like that it was better about incorporating edge cleaning into its random navigation algrythim in a more consistent way.

Speaking of edge cleaning it was above average, using its two side brushes, it cleared all the debris except for a little bit in the corner, which is typical for round robot vacuums.

Its extremely quiet, on its high power we measured it a 66 db and 56 on its low power, the average is about 70 on high power, but on low power The Eufy 11s is one of the quietest robots I have personally ever tested.

The next few things are not pros or cons but just neutral things to note.

Its dust bin size was measured at about 1.5 cups which is the same as the deebot n79 and way bigger than the Ilife V3s but in the grand scheme of things its just about average.

The battery life on low power was above average though a bit lower than the Deebot, though on high power we tested it at 50 minutes which though a decent amount of time I would still consider below average. Though Based on our tests I see no good reason to use high power unless you want to deep clean carpets.

On that point it does have a power setting called Boost IQ where it will run on low power until it hits carpet where it will automatically turn on max power for deep cleaning, this should optimize battery life and you will get closer to the 100 minutes of runtime Eufy claims.

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