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Extendly’s Go HighLevel Services Explained | WhiteLabel Support | Onboarding | SaaS Snapshots

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Extendly’s Go HighLevel Services Explained | WhiteLabel Support | Onboarding | SaaS Snapshots


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What’s up guys this is Beant with Extendly for High Level and I just wanted to share how Extendly works and how Extendly can help you in your High Level journey.
So if you come over to our website here you can find a few different things that we do here at Extendly. Our goal at Extendly after helping all these other agencies that we work with,
the businesses that we’ve helped setup Extendlys and High Levels services for our goal has become to help make your High Level journey as easy as possible.
So the first thing we do if you’re brand new to High Level is help you get setup and get started with High Level as quickly as possible. To do that, you’re free to come over here to our site and go over to our menu here and click on Getting Started With High Level to learn more about our services related to getting started and all of the things we can do with getting you started.
Our promise is to get you started and setup and as little as just one day.
And that includes getting you signed into High Level, getting the High Level account setup, your API domains, your DNS, your CNAME all of that connecting you to Mailgun, The best practices related to that, connecting you to Twilio, so you can have the ability to send out emails and as well as make phone calls, send out text messages and so on and so forth.
And then it will help you set up your own agency account or your own business account which is called a sub account inside High Level so that you can start using it for your own business.
So that’s step number one and then we’ll also give you a two hour one on one training session in which we show you how to use High Level the use cases and the best practices and go over the software to give you the knowledge you need to get a good start ahead.
Alright. The next thing we do for High Level agencies is provide tech support so to learn more about our tech support services, head over to High Level white label support.
Now this white labeled support is provided for you as an agency and as well as your clients as well so we can do things like onboarding a client when you first sell to a new client and you need to get them on boarded.
Our team will help you get the account setup and as well as do a one on one.
Onboarding with your client. Now the one on one on boarding is done through a zoom call or google meet and that is recorded and it’s done by a US based support staff to learn more about our services here come over to our High Level white labeled support area and scroll down and see everything that we offer within our services and and by the way there’s a 200% guarantee here as well.
So if you sign up for our High Level white label support services and you are not satisfied if you’re not 100% satisfied, we do offer 100% 30 day money back guarantee.
So that’s our 200% guarantee which includes 100% satisfaction guarantee and 100% 30 day money back guarantee.
We promise that you will be happy using our services.

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