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EXTREME LASHES Viral Asian Mascara Tested !!!

by admin
EXTREME LASHES Viral Asian Mascara Tested !!!

I finally got my hands on these crazy lengthening Mascara that I’ve been seeing on facebook & Asian apps. I had to do quite a bit of searching to find what mascara they were using. I am not sure if they sell the original ones here in US, I heard they sell a lot of fakes here. But It still worked pretty well and did the unthinkable.
It was a bit complicated to make my lashes super long and it took forever. Maybe when I get my hands on the original one, It will be easier and more natural looking. Anyways hope it still blew your minds. Wish I have was brave enough to go in public with these lashes and get reactions.
What do you guys think?? Would you replace your fav mascara with this??

DDK 4D Silk Mascara : Amazon
Nude Top : Forever21

Thanks for Watching !!!

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