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Facebook Boost Posts Step-By-Step Tutorial and Best Practices

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Facebook Boost Posts Step-By-Step Tutorial and Best Practices

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Discover how to boost Facebook Posts with our step-by-step tutorial. We will give you best practices for boosting Facebook posts and running Facebook Boost post ads so you can promote your posts to people who like your page, retargeting audiences, and audiences of people on Facebook.

Our Facebook Boost Posts Tutorial for 2019 will give you some ideas for your next campaign. When you aren’t sure the type of Facebook post you should boost, how you can boost a Facebook post, or how to manage your boosted post after the fact, our step-by-step instructions are perfect for you.

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How To Boost a Post on Facebook:

1. Create A New Post On Your Facebook Page or Choose An Existing Post to Boost

You need to start by posting something to your Facebook page. You can post a link to your website, a carousel of images, a video, an event, a job, an instant experience, and more.

2. Click on the Boost Post Button

Next, you want to click on the ‘Boost Post’ button at the bottom of your new post. This post will be used for your advertisement.

3. Choose Your Location and Audience Targeting

You can choose to target people who already like your page, choose a retargeting audience, or you can choose to target an audience of people through their demographics, location, and interests.

One popular option is to target people who like your page. Since Facebook has cut organic reach, boosting posts can help you reach the people who have already liked your page.

4. Choose Your Placements

You can choose Automatic Placements, which is recommended by Facebook. Otherwise, you can choose to boost your post to just Facebook, or choose between Facebook and Messenger or Facebook and Instagram.

By using Automatic Placements, Facebook will serve your boosted posts to the placements where they believe it will perform best.

5. Set Duration and Budget

Next, you will choose how long you want your boosted post to run and the total budget. For example, if you choose to run it for 10 days with a $50 budget, you will spend $5/day to boost your post to people in your audience.

You can choose to boost your post as long as you want, but the minimum budget is $1/day. The minimum budget for a boosted post would be $1 per day, so a 50-day boost will cost at least $50.

6. Check Estimated People Reached

You will be able to see an estimate of how many people you will reach each day with your new Facebook Boosted Post.

7. Choose Your Payment and Ad Account

You can choose to use the Ad Account for your Facebook Page and choose your payment method. You will also be able to track conversions using your installed Facebook Pixel.

8. Preview Your Boosted Post

You can see how your boosted post will look in different ad placements such as the Facebook Desktop Newsfeed, Facebook Mobile Newsfeed, Instagram Stories, Messenger Inbox, and the Instagram Feed.

9. Click on ‘Boost’ to Boost Your Post

Last but not least, you can click on the Boost button to launch your post and send it out to reach more people. You can monitor your stats directly from your Facebook page or through your Facebook Ads Manager.

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