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Facebook Page Ad Search Like Review – Picoworkers Tutorial

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Facebook Page Ad  Search Like Review – Picoworkers Tutorial

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1. Be on a Desktop not a mobile phone
– A Facebook account
2. Go To:
3. Add the back shaver product to the cart and proceed to the checkout page. There is NO need to enter any personal and payment information.
4. Wait 3 minutes (this is very important) on the checkout page
5. Open Facebook and scroll through your news feed and look for a sponsored ad from our company showing the back shaver.
6. Click on the ad, then simply click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the ad, then select Save Video from the list.
If you do not see the ad then don’t worry. You will need to periodically refresh your news feed until it shows up. Once it does and you’ve saved the ad then move onto the next step
7. Open a new browser window and visit the following Facebook page.
8. Click on the Saved tab and find the ad in the list.
9. Click on the Leave Feedback dropdown and select the Satisfied option. On the next screen click on Product Quality or Shipping Speed. In the comments write short positive text
10. Do not leave comments here as they are meant for purchasing customers – if you feel that there is something that can be improved or included. comment using the proof box below via Picoworkers and let us know thanks!!
Happy Tasking! More Jobs Posting Soon!
Stay Safe!

Required proof that task was finished?
1. Screenshot of the ads when it show on your newsfeed
2. Screenshot when you visit
3. Take a screenshot of the review posted

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