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Fill Your Practice With Qualified Patients | Big Boost Marketing

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https://bigboost.marketing | In this video I want to talk about how to easier fill your practice with qualified patients. Full disclaimer here, I’m not a practitioner. I am not somebody that has run a practice, but I have been in healthcare for over 18 years. And over the past four years I’ve been working with the Institute for Functional Medicine, with Evolution of Medicine, and many of today’s leaders in functional medicine on their marketing and technology.

I’ve seen the world from a very different angle, and there’s like a couple things that I want to mention that help you attract more of the right people.

The first thing that you have to realize is that you have to niche down. When I was in big pharma, I did websites, marketing funnels, email campaigns, online summits, tele-summits, author campaigns for all kinds of people from real estate, to healthcare, to political organizations. So, with every campaign, I had to research from scratch on how to address a situation. I also have to tell my team how to address this, and that’s okay, if you have very high paying clients that can afford a couple of months of you doing the research.

But when it comes to the point of serving people at an affordable price point, and I suspect that’s true for you and your patients, as well. You can’t afford to constantly research everything from scratch. So this is where it benefits you from niching down, from a marketing purpose, I would, and really make things a lot easier for you so you can become more affordable while charging the prices that you know you’re worth.

From my perspective, it was niching down into healthcare, into integrative holistic functional medicine, working with many of today’s leaders in the space, but for you it may be that you’re in a number of areas, and again, it will benefit you from niching down.

So, the first part is really getting clear of who do I want to serve. Who has a problem that they’re willing to give me money for, if I can help them with that problem?

The second part is really getting clear on what has them stuck. Put yourself in the shoes of those folks and decide. It’s like, why is their current provider, or the current several providers they have gone to unable to resolve their issue? What have they been prescribed? What have they been told to do? What have they tried that didn’t work? And where are they, in general, stuck?

Maybe they are on prescription drugs and they see side effects. So, you got to know all of these things to understand what has them stuck. What is their current situation on pain island if you will, and, you know, where do they want to go? What does pleasure island look like for them, and then tell them that, you know, how you’re different.

Tell them that you’re not relying on prescription meds, that you have a different approach. That you can help people that are stuck with a certain set of conditions, or scenarios, and once you get clear on what that gap is between what they’re currently experience with their current provider. What you’re promising to give them if they work with you, that is some of your value proposition. That will help you enlist people a lot easier, because now it becomes clear what you should be talking about in your marketing.

So, if you need more tips and resources around this topic of picking your ideal patient avatar, and, you know, how to construct and nurture, visit our website and bigboost.marketing for our downloadable practice marketing blueprint. I’ll see you in the next video.

And because of that, we created the Big Boost 360 process – guiding health practitioners through a four-step process of identifying their practice focus, creating the content that positions them as authority, and then nurturing and enrolling their ideal patients with marketing automation.
Me and my team have been creating these types of marketing “funnels” for the Institute for Functional Medicine and many of today’s leaders in the field, but what I am most proud of is our ongoing work with hundreds of integrative health practitioners:
Helping health practitioners become known for their expertise is what we do, helping shape the future of healthcare is who we are.


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