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Food Biotech: The business ‘how to’ hub

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Food Biotech: The business ‘how to’ hub

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Interactive roundtable discussions focusing on commercial strategies that are business critical for any food challenger brand and new large players within biotech or cellular agriculture.


• Key tips when fundraising within Food Biotech
• B2B take two: what to do when the market is ready, but industry isn’t
• Delivering in high-volume low-cost environment

Jim Laird, CEO, Enough Foods
Laura Clark, Entrepreneurship Specialist, The Good Food Institute
José Luis Cabañero, CEO, Eatable Adventures
Moderator: Austin Cloves, Fundraising and Science Lead, The Good Food Institute

The LSX channel features sessions from LSX events, where our mission is to connect senior #biotech, #medtech & #healthtech executives with access to the capital, intelligence, innovation, and partners they need to grow their businesses.

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