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FREE 4 Hour Wedding Photography Tutorial for Business

by admin
FREE 4 Hour Wedding Photography Tutorial for Business

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Free 4.5 hour wedding photography tutorial based around wedding photographer business. Get my wedding photo email templates (free!) here: s

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:02 Why Wedding Photography is the Best Job
00:18:37 Rules for Wedding Photography
00:26:07 Keys To a Great Wedding Photography Website
00:49:28 Attracting Your Ideal Couples
00:59:09 Wedding Photography Pricing and Packages
01:22:08 Wedding Photography SEO
01:32:46 Website Conversion
01:47:52 Wedding Photography Lenses
02:03:54 Wedding Photography Settings
02:41:01 Getting Started in Wedding Photography
02:50:04 How Not To Suck
03:05:52 CRM Backend Business for Wedding Photographers
03:18:42 Wedding Photography Marketing
03:28:01 Stop Couples from Ghosting You
03:38:48 How To Get Images for Your Portfolio
03:45:39 Why Make Behind The Scenes Videos
03:53:28 Wedding Photography Posing
04:16:09 Wedding Photography Marketing Secret
04:25:53 Biggest Thing I Did for my Wedding Photography Business
04:33:00 Hybrid Photo-Video Tips
04:42:05 Closing Thoughts

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