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FREE Facebook Retargeting Funnel & Facebook Ads!

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FREE Facebook Retargeting Funnel & Facebook Ads!

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Last night we “closed out” your FIRST FREE BUSINESS on the Profit Power Hour.

For the last several weeks, we’ve been building a “drop-servicing” business that leverages the upward trend of e-commerce & popularity of Shopify….

And now you have a FULL done-for-you ‘side business’ that you can launch immediately to start generating profits.

On the webinar I showed you how to start “driving traffic” to your business…

… and even built you out a retargeting funnel that shows you EXACTLY how to “recapture” your leads’ attention if they don’t opt-in to your list initially.

I even walked you through the process of building not one, but TWO Facebook retargeting ads in photoshop and explained the ‘psychology’ behind why these will convert…

AND then gave them to you for FREE!

And finally, I walked you through how to set these up in your Facebook Ad Manager (some of the steps are different for retargeting, and I want to make sure you get this right out of the gate)

So now you’re officially ready to launch your FREE Shopify Profits business…

Here’s a summary of what we did:

1. Launched your FREE drop-servicing business
2. Built a retargeting funnel to recapture leads
3. Created 2 Facebook ads & gave them to you for free
4. Showed you how to setup your ads in FB Ad Manager

(If you’re brand new don’t worry, I also gave you a special link & password to access all of your free business funnels & tools live on the call) 


Adrian Morrison
FB / E-com Mentor

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