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Getting Started In SaaS – Webinar 1: Top SaaS Lessons

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Getting Started In SaaS – Webinar 1: Top SaaS Lessons

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Is SaaS kicking you, or are you kicking SaaS?

In this webinar, Jason Long goes through his top lessons in building a SaaS business over the last 10 years.

This includes experiences and stories from the launch and sometimes growth, sometimes failure of multiple businesses. These stories cover what it took to succeed, where I failed, and how ideas are validated now.

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In this first SaaS overview webinar we go through the following lessons:

Lesson 1: When you’re building a SaaS, you’re building a business.
Here we cover some of the business aspects of SaaS businesses, costs, people, and what it takes to grow this kind of business.

Lesson 2: Never go to the emergency room in July.
It’s true! Never go to the emergency room in July because you have a substantially higher risk of dying. Learn how the same principles that apply to the emergency room operation are the number 1 determining concepts behind your business’s success.

Lesson 3: Homeless and hungry for success
This is the brief story of the unintentional viral Twitter star David Casarez became homeless and got a job, but could probably have avoided being homeless in the first place.

Lesson 4: Build a house before you build a factory. Otherwise, where will you sleep at night?
This is the lesson of the tool vs. platform in SaaS and how to start without crushing yourself.

Lesson 5: You’re not building software, you’re building sales.
Pretty self-explanatory, except when you think about all the things that go into sales, marketing, and development of a SaaS system. It’s easy to get lost in features when what you need is revenue. Learn how to avoid this pitfall and what’s really important in a SaaS startup here!

Lesson 6: Intimacy.
You need to be able to reach the right people in the right way and understand their needs intimately in order to sell your products. Here are some of the top lessons in being intimate with your clients 😉

Lesson 7: Little problems become big problems at scale.
It’s just a little issue to you. But multiply that time a thousand or ten thousand, or a hundred thousand… and it can become crushing. Take a look at some of Jason’s lessons scaling up, where he fell hard, and how he got back on his feet.

Lesson 8: The easiest way to fail.
There are a lot of things you can do to validate your business idea, and they can take a long time. Here is the 7-step process to ensuring you have a successful SaaS business before you start digging into your budget.

Q&A – There were a lot of questions throughout and especially at the end. Peer deeper into processes, issues, UX, and more in the QA section!

For more about Jason and his team, take a look at our website at JHMEDIAGROUP.COM.

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