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Give Your Business a Marketing Boost with Marco Torres

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Give Your Business a Marketing Boost with Marco Torres

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Are you struggling to get your emails opened by prospective customers? Do you wish that new leads were dropping onto your inbox on a regular basis? You’re not alone! On this week’s episode of Get Your FILL – Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, Super Marketer, Marco Torres, shares his success in bringing the Wow Factor and Surprise-and-Delight Factor to email marketing for fantastic success.

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About Marco Torres

Marco Torres has been an entrepreneur since age 9 when he started his first business as a paperboy. By the age of 12, he had the biggest paper route in San Juan Puerto Rico where he grew up, and was featured on the front page of the newspaper for his accomplishment.

Born in San Antonio Texas from Mexican heritage Marco inherited the spirit of adventure from his parents. His dad Charlie was transferred with General Electric GECC , to San Juan Puerto Rico to take over the Caribbean market. His parents packed up and left their home and family to move across the sea to the small island of Puerto Rico in the 1960s. That set the stage for Marco to grow up with the spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship.

After a year or so of college, Marco decided he wanted a different path and convinced the family to open Mexican Restaurants on the island. In 5 years between him, his brother David and Mom Sonia they had 5 restaurants in Puerto Rico, St Thomas, St Croix. USVI.

Marco then went on to open an after-hours nightclub, in San Juan, by the age of 23.

He later moved to Florida to bring up his young family and ended up in the travel industry running telesales and marketing for a big private corporation. He developed the internet marketing strategies in the late 1990s and early 2000s that brought in nearly a Billion dollars over 8 years for this company before branching out with some new partnerships to launch Bookvip.com in late 2008

He and his partners grew the fastest growing travel company in North America from 2010 to 2020 with Bookvip.com. One of the early challenges for bookvip was the need for reviews and video testimonials so they created their own travel incentives to reward travelers to film a selfie video from the resort’s pool, beach, or other backdrop and publish them bragging about Bookvip and the resort they were staying at. This turned out to be hugely successful and before long they were leveraging tens of thousands of video testimonials on their website and reaching sales of 250 million with over 1 million travelers to date.

The light went off in Marco’s head as this travel incentive idea could be a stand-alone business that they could offer to other small businesses which eventually became what Marketingboost.com is today.

Marco aka “Capt. Marco” (the avid sailor) now spends most of his working time helping small and medium-sized businesses boost sales, and improve conversion rates without spending more money with the use of the Travel incentives his firm provides with a low-cost subscription model starting at only $37 a month.

He and his partners have revolutionized the incentive industry by making complimentary hotel stay certificates from 3 to 7 nights in over 125 worldwide destinations, plus hotel savings cards, and restaurant vouchers incredibly affordable, allowing the small business to stand out from the crowd and compete with the big boys.

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