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GoGuru Pro CRM Weekly Call 6/14/22 – Build & Connect FB Ads

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GoGuru Pro CRM Weekly Call 6/14/22 – Build & Connect FB Ads

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Justin Brock spent the first 5 years starting from scratch as a Medicare focused insurance agent and scaling personal production as far as any one agent has in the history of direct to consumer sales.

After 5 years of having the pedal to the metal he decided he had to begin to build a business with a team to help keep that pedal down in order to truly continue to grow.

Fast forward to about a decade into the business and Justin has 2,800 agents, three physical offices, $10,000,000 in annual revenue, 27 employees and a growth trajectory that seemed improbably just a few short years ago.

He is the content king in the Medicare space and spends most of his time now educating new to intermediate level agents on scaling their business and scaling his marketing teams impact on the industry.

During this scale several amazing events and tools have emerged. Justin’s team has created THE PREMIER in a box CRM and Lead Aggregation tool in GoGuru Pro – o

They also needed an interactive, virtual and state of the art training platform to training agents from anywhere in the world so they created GoGuru University – y

In this distance industry they saw a need for niche events that can change everything. They started MedicareCon which can be found at and two more intimate events Behind the Agency and Behind the Marketing m

Now they’re focusing on doing city specific Medicare Agent Boot Camps that will be posted soon.

Make sure you head over to to learn more about Justin

If you’re a Medicare Consumer stumbling across this video, check us out at or m

If you are an agent looking to contract with us, check out our agent portal here /

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